Napa-Solano Oncology Nurses Society


Solano Midnight Sun Foundation Board Members attended at dinner meeting of the Napa-Solano Oncology Nurses Society on February 22, 2016, and were presented with a generous donation to help us further the goals of the Foundation.

Thank you to the nurses for the difficult work you do with cancer patients. The money donated will help at least one cancer patient worry less about financial needs while fighting breast cancer.

Pictured below are Solano Midnight Sun Treasurer Karen Stone, accepting the donation from Karen Stillwell of the ONS, and SMSF Board members Karen Stone, Steve Laren, and Sue Laren.

Donation from Oncology Nurses

Karen Stone, SMSF Treasurer and Karen Stillwell of the Oncology Nurses Society

Donation from Oncology Nurses

SMSF Board Members Karen Stone, Steve Laren, and Sue Laren