FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and answers about who we are and what we do

What kind of support do you provide?

We know that dealing with breast cancer can have a devastating effect on both the individual and the family. We recognize that needs differ from individual to individual and family to family.

Often all that is required is moral support and counseling. We will work to match individuals with cancer survivors that have gone through the same type of procedures.

Other families require transportation assistance or possibly direct financial assistance such as utility bills, food, rent, or medical.

Will my name and information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Any information shared with us will be kept confidential and shared only with your permission.

How can I donate?

Our long-term goal is to accept all types of donations. Until we get to that point please send your generous contributions to:

Solano Midnight Sun Foundation
198 Dobbins Street, Suite D
Vacaville, CA. 95688

or you can give an online contribution Here